We are happy to announce
our first speaker for next year!

Christian Mio Loclair

Christian "Mio" Loclair, creative director at Waltz Bonaire, is a new media artist, computer scientist and choreographer from Berlin, Germany
He explores the fiction of ...

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Simo Santavirta

Simo is a craftsman of the digital era: he has had a passion for real-time graphics, graphics design and user experience for 20 years . He's been on a journey in the digital medium...

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Jan Schwochow

With a passion for visualizing data and facts, Jan Schwochow combines more than 30 years of expertise in infographic design and journalism. While beginning to study Design at the University of applied ...

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Patrik de Jong

Patrik is the Creative Director of Artificial Rome. It’s not always the easiest job when you’re dealing with a bunch of individualists and – let’s face it – nerds. Astonishingly ...

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